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Some of the features of our carpentry


We focus on the latest technologies

Since 2001 we have been a reliable partner in the field of PVC production, and until 2004 ALU joinery, we follow world trends and incorporate the best innovations in our production processes


Here are some of our Products

Mosquito nets

We produce and install roller and pleated mosquito nets standard, and to your liking, mosquito nets are made of PVC and aluminum materials that have the highest quality standards. Mosquito nets made of PVC or aluminum material guarantee a long service life in all weather conditions.

Contact us in case you need mosquito nets for doors, mosquito nets for windows or mosquito nets for balcony doors, our professional staff will be happy to give you advice on what to choose! Going out on the field to take measures as well as the installation of mosquito nets is free

  • Fixed mosquito nets
  • Rolling mosquito nets
  • Pleated mosquito nets


We make PVC and aluminum doors, the width of the slats and the thickness depends on the customer's wishes. The so-called sandwich profile provides excellent insulation in both summer and winter conditions, the material is resistant to sun and rain. wind, snow, frost. Rolling doors are guided by so-called aluminum guides that have built-in brushes for better sealing and noise reduction. Rolling doors can be opened manually or with an electric motor, depending on the customer's needs

Aluminum or PVC doors are intended for those who need thermal insulation of the space. With or without an electric motor, this product is elegant, beautiful and functional. Aluminum or PVC roller doors can be used for shops, garages, production - business halls and warehouses

  • Garage Door
  • Rolling garage doors
  • - Segmented rolling shutters


Aluminum and PVC joinery are the right choice for you. Some of the characteristics of our carpentry are: stability, mechanical resistance, safety, good sound insulation, thermal insulation, air and water permeability, light weight which allows the construction of large areas. Carpentry is not difficult to maintain, easy to clean and resistant to most cleaning

Aluminum is recyclable, environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful substances in case of fire. Aluminum joinery saves energy and guarantees good insulation

  • Single-leaf windows
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Three-leaf windows
  • Skylights
  • To your liking

Sales and service cutting of glass

  • Thermal glass
  • Glass ornament
  • Refractory glass
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Lakobel glass
  • Fleet glass
  • Satin glass
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Reinforced (wire) glass
  • Stopsol (reflective) glass
  • Mirrors
  • Other glass


ALU window shutters are made of aluminum. The construction consists of two chambers with brushes that are there so that they do not emit noise when raising and lowering. They are a good insulator, because the slats are filled with polyurethane. The system of shutters themselves is designed so as to prevent them from getting stuck.

PVC shutters are made of quality plastic, but in addition to aesthetic there are other purposes, PVC shutters can serve as an insulator from wind, rain, frost, sun. There are several colors of PVC shutters on offer

  • Outdoor shutters
  • Interior shutters
  • PVC shutters
  • ALU shutters

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